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Secure Connect

A gateway into your practice management software.

Secure Connect acts as a secure tunnel connecting ORCA directly to your practice management software allowing for two-way synchronization.

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Protect data, enhance intelligence.

Powerful, secure, encrypted access. With a persistent PMS and ORCA integration, data analysis, network monitoring, insights, and intelligence are continuously powering your practice’s performance. Always-on monitoring and intelligence gathering builds business agility and helps move your practice forward faster, ahead of competitors. Secure Connect gives you all of the control, none of the risk.

Easy setup. Up and running in minutes.

Setting up Secure Connect is unbelieveably simple. Three steps and thirty seconds later, we'll be securely connected with your practice.

  • Connect the power cord to the Secure Connect device and the other end to an outlet in close proximity to your internet router.

  • Next, plug one end of the Ethernet cable (looks like a phone cord) into the Secure Connect, and the other into your internet router.

  • In a few seconds, you’ll receive a unique 4 digit code on the device. Input that code into ORCA. That’s it. You’re now securely connected.

Connecting to Practice Management Systems, and More!

We currently support a wide range of Practice Management Systems that we can securely connect with in a HIPAA compliant manner. We'll continue to add more PMS' to our connection list, but also additional solutions specific to dental. Whether it's your purchasing platform or accounting software, we will establish secure connections to provide you with the actionable intelligence you need.

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ORCA Developer Portal

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