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Call Analysis

Unlock patient-to-practice intelligence with every call.

Connect, analyze, and approximate the value of each call with artificial intelligence. Measure caller intent and potential production through detected insights while presenting actionable intelligence on where your practice needs to focus.

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Driven by proprietary technology, calls are transcribed and analyzed in real-time followed by a performance report to enhance patient experience, improve production value, and make informed decisions. Uncover profitability and realize your practice’s true value with data-driven results, delivered to your ORCA inbox.

Here’s how we unlock your intelligence with every call.

By extracting data about a caller and the call itself we can provide key metrics that will uncover potential production opportunities for your practice.

A patient calls your practice to schedule an appointment.

A unique tracking number will be assigned to your practice that will be utilized for all advertising and analysis purposes.

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The call is transcribed and analyzed in real-time.

The patient’s call is routed through the tracking number and IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence will transcribe the call live, and extract parts of the conversation. We are able to programatically extract various components from the call including the purpose of the call, patient status, procedure type, insurance type, and the call outcome.

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Intelligence is processed to determine the call result.

Once the intent and various components are extracted from the call, rules are applied to determine the official result of the call. This result is transmitted back to the various marketing platforms so their machine learning can further optimize their targeting efforts.

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Actionable insights are generated from the aggregate intelligence.

All of the collected intelligence is compiled and presented in a way that you can leverage. A monthly report is generated that reveals actionable insights such as what your potential production value was, the insurance types requested, procedures requested, any access to care issues, and more. You will now know how much your practice could have generated in production value, and what caused the gap between potential and actual production.

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